Are you looking for the finest live music venue? The Marrs Bar is always ready to welcome you and your friends. Here in Worcester, England, you can find this awesome venue for a great night out. Top quality live music can be heard together with amazing performances! The said venue is actually a former dance studio and was renovated for the musicians who want to entertain music lovers. Different music bands enjoy every performances and even do better performances to satisfy and entertain the audiences.

The facilities, equipment and the staffs are all great! In-house sound engineers and in-house sound system are present in the venue. There is also an executive balcony for special events such as Stag parties and album launches. There is nothing to worry about when it comes to the accessibility of the place. From the bar, you just have to walk for about two minutes and you can see a train station, a bus stop, and you can also ride a taxi near The Marrs bar.

There are tickets being sold for all shows. And for real music lovers, you can always go to the bar every Saturday, from 12 midnight until 4 am to enjoy the shows such as Alternative/Pop/Rock music performances. If you also have time every Wednesday, you can go to the bar for the Jam Night together with your friends. This means that every Wednesday, you have the chance to “show what you’ve got”. You can play any musical instrument that you are good at. Also,  you are allowed to bring your own instrument.

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