To watch live music is one of the main purpose of those who enter The Marrs bar. The customers do not just go to the bar and spend the night drinking alcohol as some might think. The bar also offers live music shows that are of top quality and they can also watch and listen at the same time to the performance of the bands. Musicians from the different parts of England can showcase their talents in music by performing for the bar, giving entertainment.

Each music band always show their best performance whether it is Saturday or Wednesday. Every Saturday, that’s the time that you and your friends can hang out together and from midnight until 4 am, you can enjoy the explosive Altnernative, Pop, and also Rock club night wherein you will witness amazing music performances. And every Wednesday, anyone can showcase their musical talents through singing or playing any instrument such as guitar, keyboard, drums, and any other instrument. This is a free entry all night for everyone.

Wednesday will be your day at The Marrs Bar. The acoustic hour begins at 9 pm which is open to all singers and song writers. You can play your favorite song using your favorite instrument for an hour. Then, after 10 pm, you can enjoy the chance to play with the house band hosted by Vince Ballard. If you are together with your own band, that’s also fine. Remember that the bar is open to all as long as you are 18 years old and above.

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